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NCV Researchers

Enoch Chan from Hong Kong - PhD Medical Sciences

“Having the privilege to be in great community like NCV, no doubt UNSW is the best place for my PhD studies. I have lived at NCV for 2 years.”

Enoch Chan from Hong Kong - PhD Medical Sciences


Thesis title: Development ofNovel Small Molecule Inhibitors of Inflammation and Investigation ofUnderlying Mechanisms.

Summary of my research:

In 2012, I had completed MSc by research in the Centre for Vascular Research, UNSW. My thesis focused on the use of modified heparins to specifically target myeloperoxidase that is sequestered in the endothelium of arteries. This project is of great implication because myeloperoxidase impairs endothelial control of vascular tone after being sequestered in vascular endothelium. From the results of my studies, it was demonstrated that modified heparins represent an effective therapeutic approach for myeloperoxidase-induced endothelial dysfunction. This Master’s thesis took me just 3 semesters to complete - no doubt I have to thank NCV for their care and support.


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