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Church and State DVD by Andrew Cameron, John Anderson and Kevin Rudd

Church and State DVD by Andrew Cameron, John Anderson and Kevin Rudd

Church and State featuring Andrew Cameron, John Anderson and Kevin Rudd (2005)

The 19th annual new College Lecture Series explored the topic of Church and State. Three lecturers, Rev Dr Andrew Cameron (Moore Theological College, Sydney), the Hon John Anderson, MP (former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia) and Mr Kevin Rudd (then Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade), examined the place of religious beliefs and expression in mainstream political life.

The lecturers each find a role for religious beliefs in public life, exploring from different angles the contributions that religious people make with a particular focus on the Christian church. Andrew Cameron suggests that the doctrine of church-state separation is currently being misused to silence the voices of religious citizens and promote doctrinaire secularism. John Anderson speaks of the debt owed by the state to the churches in developing democratic ideals. And Kevin Rudd calls for urgent and necessary Christian involvement in the social and moral issues of our time.

In this 3 hour DVD, the lecturers explore the relationship between Church and State. The series attempted to consider and explain the role faith does and should play in politics. The lecturers try to map the contours of the separation of Church and State, its origins in history, what is meant by it and why it exists in modern Nation States like Australia. This DVD includes four lectures and a visual presentation.

Price: $5.00


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