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Mind Fields by Malcolm Jeeves

Mind Fields by Malcolm Jeeves

Mind Fields: Reflections on the Science of Mind and Brain by Malcolm Jeeves (1993)

  • Is mind an outmoded concept?
  • What is the link between mind and brain?
  • May we properly speak of human responsibility and decision making?

Powerful techniques for monitoring and visualising brain activity have allowed neurologists, neuropsychologists and other brain scientists to locate systems within the brain which are involved when particular mental tasks are done.Are human beings, then, nothing but highly complex neural computing machines? Where is the mind in the process? What part do social and physical environment factors play in all this? Is talk of the human soul or spirit outmoded and no longer relevant? In investigating mind/brain research, Professor Malcolm Jeeves explores some of the developing evidence relevant to answering these questions. He shows that man is, in fact, a unity, encompassing the physical and psychological, as will as the moral and spiritual. Just as the mind is embodied in the physical workings of the brain, so the spiritual aspect of a person is embodied in his activities as a mind/brain unity.

Mind Fields, a carefully researched treatment of the science of mind and brain, not only interacts with and assesses brain science research, it also aids in answering the enduring question: What then is man?

Professor Malcolm Jeeves, Professor of Psychology at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, was formerly Professor of Psychology at the University of Adelaide. A past President of the International Neuropsychological Symposium, he was Editor-in-Chief of Neuropsychologica, one of the leading scientific journals reporting research on brain, mind and behaviour. In 1992 he was made C.B.E. for his services to psychology and in 1993 was given an honorary D.Sc. by the University of Edinburgh. He is a fellow, and currently Vice-President, of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

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