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Courtyards & Terraces

New College Village (NCV) is a 7 floor U-shaped structure open to the north. The building includes two outdoor courtyards and a roof-top terrace with BBQ facilities.

Residents often enter and exit NCV via the central courtyard on the ground floor. This space includes a lawn, gardens around the perimeter and some park benches. The lawn in the central courtyard is primarily a space for residents to read or work with their laptop outside. It is also one of the meeting places for large community events such as the regular NCV barbecues. On occasion the lawn is used to host games of badminton. A second courtyard acts as an event overflow to the Main Common Room on the ground floor. During canapé functions and other social events this space is often used by residents.

A roof-top terrace is located on the 4th level of NCV. The roof-top terrace provides an outdoor area where residents can relax with friends, read a book or have a BBQ. BBQ facilities are permanently set up and residents can use them by placing a booking at the office.  

 NCV Courtyard in O-Week

NCV UNSW Terrace on Rooftop