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Coat of Arms

The mission of New College Village is to foster a diverse and supportive community founded on Christian faith and values that encourages academic excellence, service to society and lifelong learning.

New College Village is a residential academic community at The University of New South Wales. It is committed to the academic and intellectual ideals of the University. Therefore, NCV strives for the development of the highest level of intellectual excellence and cultivation of a stimulating and enjoyable living environment.

The Anglican foundations of the NCV shape its educational and social goals. The Anglican tradition has a long history of devotion to scholarship and of involvement in society. These two points are crucial to the New College Village.  The desire to learn, a willingness to engage with ideas and other people, and a desire to serve others will hopefully be the marks of a New College Village resident.

Coat of Arms

The description of the College Coat of Arms is as follows:

" Argent two chevrons sable, on a
  chief azure, an open book proper
      between two mullets of eight
              points argent ! "

The book is symbolic of the College's relationship with The University of New South Wales; the two stars of the College's link with the Diocese of Sydney; the chevrons of the College's namesake New College, Oxford.


Taken from the Latin version of Psalm 111.10:

'The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom'